Why you need to use an Access Consultant on your next Project

Ms. Joe Manton, Director Access Institute, ACAA & Williamson Fellow Access Consultants have been operating in the marketplace for more than thirty years. The profession began with a few interested people, some with disabilities, who were working in the design and development of the built environment and recognised the need to ensure buildings were accessible … Read More

All Gender Toilets – We just want to go to the toilet!

Ms. Joe Manton, Director Access Institute, ACAA & Williamson Fellow In an ABC Opinion piece by Rory Blundell posted on Tuesday 4 April 2017, Rory states: ‘Like most people who consume almost a litre of soft drink while seeing a movie at the cinema, I really need to pee. A familiar, prickly feeling of anxiety … Read More

New Minimum Accessibility Standards for Housing in the NCC

After much work across a wide range of sectors, the National Building Ministers forum has agreed that new minimum accessibility Standards, based on the Silver Performance Level of the Livable Housing Australia (LHA) Design Guidelines, will be incorporated into the National Construction Code (NCC). Ministers also agreed that a voluntary Gold Level technical standard for … Read More

Accredited SDA Assessor – Update 3, April 2021

Clarifications re the SDA Design Standard Interpretations 12 April 2021 This is the third update of Clarifications re the SDA Design Standard Interpretations. This 3rd Update also includes the content from Updates 1 and 2. The SDA Design Standard has now been in use for over 12 months and there are currently more than 60 … Read More

Toilets for Everybody – A Right not a Privilege

Ms. Joe Manton, Director Access Institute After spending my very early years trudging through the back yard to the outdoor ‘dunny’ in the winter, I developed a great appreciation, as did many others, for a comfortable, warm, clean, ‘spider free’ toilet, as these were introduced to homes across the country. Of course, you just need … Read More

Good Food, Good Access, Great Results!

The Comfort of Social Distancing With cafes and restaurants opening up again after the long hibernation it’s time to celebrate with a night out at our favourite eatery. With social distancing in place it may mean that people will be more comfortable at the dining table without the elbows of the diner next to them … Read More

Accredited SDA Assessor – Update 2, October 2020 Clarifications re the SDA Design Standard Interpretations

27 October 2020 A1. Role of the Accredited SDA Assessor (The Assessor) The role of an Accredited SDA Design Standard Assessor is to conduct assessments of Design (Provisional) and/or Final-as-built dwellings against the SDA Design Standard to confirm compliance with the Standard. Assessors have been trained to do this via an NDIS approved training program.  Whilst … Read More

Ensuring the Maximum Benefit from Parklets

Support to Councils providing advice and reviews of proposed Parklets Introducing Parklets to support local traders coming out of COVID 19 lockdown will be a great way to stimulate business and get the local economy moving again. Providing parking bays for use as trading and dining areas will bring vibrancy back to local precincts and … Read More

Access Instiute Response to National Registration Framework (NRF) for Building Practitioners

Discussion Paper 2020 The NRF for building Practitioners – Discussion Paper 2020, identifies an important role relating to Access Consultants, with specific expertise in regard to the National Construction Code (NCC) and access requirements for buildings. The proposed NRF has the potential to have significant impact on the role of Access Consultants in assessing compliance … Read More

Minimum Compliance Means Missed Opportunities and Mediocrity

By (Ms.) Joe Manton, Director Access Institute There is no doubt that the introduction of the Commonwealth Disability (Access to Premises- Buildings) Standards in 2011 has seen improvements in access to new buildings and some upgraded buildings, for a variety of building users with disabilities. These minimum standards reference the technical Australian Standards that provide … Read More

People, Pandemics and Premises

By (Ms) Joe Manton, Director, Access Institute Despite the challenges presented to the whole community during the COVID 19 pandemic, much significant work has continued to progress regarding how we can make life for everyone more accessible, more inclusive, more productive and more enjoyable. In terms of the built environment and buildings in particular, 2020  … Read More

What are the key elements that must be considered to ensure a building is accessible to everyone?

The common understanding is that creating an accessible building involves compliance with mandatory relevant access legislation, codes and standards. This includes standards that will have an impact on the accessibility of the premises for people with a range of disabilities including mobility, vision, hearing, intellectual ability, cognitive ability etc. There is also a variety of … Read More

‘Very good course, the knowledge of instructors made the content enjoyable and easy to understand.’ — Diploma of Access Consulting/Certificate IV in Access Consulting Course, Perth Student