In addition to the ‘public’ training programs on offer, Access Institute can also provide in house training to any organisation on a wide range of topics relating to access and Universal Design. We can also deliver our Nationally Recognised Training directly into your organisation.

Contact Access Institute to discuss your requirements.

Access and Universal Design

  • Introduction to Universal Design in the Built Environment
  • Understanding Access and Universal Design in Buildings
  • Understanding Access and Universal Design in Streetscapes
  • Understanding Access and Universal Design in Parks and Outdoor Spaces
  • Understanding Access and Universal Design in Public Transport
  • Understanding Access and Universal Design in Playspaces
  • Understanding Access and Universal Design in Education Facilities
  • Understanding Access and Universal Design in Housing

Access Auditing (Nationally recognised qualifications)

  • Conduct a Building Access Audit
  • Conduct a Playground Access Audit
  • Conduct an Educational Facility Access Audit
  • Conduct a Transport Infrastructure and Conveyance Access Audit
  • Conduct a Streetscape Access Audit
  • Conduct a Parks and Outdoor Spaces Access Audit

Footpath Trading and Traders

  • Footpath and Street Trading and Dining Policies – Developing, Consulting, Implementing, Reviewing
  • Good Access is Good Business © – Benefits and Opportunities for Traders

Technical Sessions

  • Understanding and Interpreting Access Legislation and Australian Standards
  • Understanding the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010
  • Read and Interpret Plans for Access
  • Understanding Performance Solutions for Access
  • Safety and Design
  • ‘Joining the Dots’ – Understanding and Interpreting Requirements for Tactile Ground Surface Indicators
  • The ‘Why’s’of Access’  Understanding the Rationale behind the Australian Standards for Access and Mobility
  • ‘From Disabled to Accessible’ – Car parking Compliance and Common Challenges

Disability Awareness and Inclusion

  • Disability Awareness and Inclusion
  • Disability Access Awareness for All
  • Diversity and Disability Awareness

Access to Services and Programs

  • Improving Access to Children’s Services
  • Improving Access in Libraries
  • Improving Access to Functions, Festivals and Fun Activities
  • Disability Access Awareness for Customer Services Staff

Action Plans

  • Developing Action Plans – DAPs, DAIPs and DIAPs

‘I want to thank you for a fantastic course yesterday. I always love learning new things in different ways and yesterday, I learnt even more about Universal Design in playspaces and public places. Your educators were passionate and knowledgeable and really engaging. Thank you for making such a big difference in the way places are designed. I reckon every landscape architect should do your course at a minimum before they are qualified to design places! All the best.’ — Bec Ho (Executive Officer), Touched by Olivia Foundation